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  • Live, real time chat on the subjects of: bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, weight-training, fitness, sports training, diet, supplements, etc.
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  • For best response from other members keep your user name bodybuilder and gender oriented such as: "Iron_Mike", "Sweet_Muscles", or "Ripped_Rachel", etc.
  • Private messaging as well as video and voice chats are very popular in this bodybuilding discussion forum
  • This is a very old bodybuilding chat-room that has risen to the top of the internet with many bodybuilders as regular visitors - you definitely won't be alone as this number one chat room fills up daily with people
    Enjoy yourself but above all - be polite - everyone is here to have fun.  If you get harassed by a troll, simply find their name in the list on the right, left click, and put them on "ignore" and they won't be able to reply to you anymore.  WARNING:  This room is NOT moderated so it is your own responsibility to avoid harassment by using our "ignore" control or simply exit the chatroom.  Please do NOT email or call us to complain because you lacked the good sense to use our "ignore feature" or simply leave and you repeatedly let some troll hurt your feelings.  We are NOT responsible for content posted by chatroom users, nor do their views and opinions represent ours, and we do not regulate their conversations in anyway nor do we have any desire to attempt to censor free speech.  The only person responsible for what they say is that person saying it and not us.  Those trolls who post extreme insults should realize that there really is such a thing as the Internet Police today who may choose to track them down if their conversation crosses the line from simple freedom of speech to physical threats or extreme hate speech.  However, law enforcement is NOT our job and we have NO legal responsibility nor the resources to regulate chat room behavior.  If you feel you were physically threatened in this chat room then the proper procedure is to call your local police department and report the user who did it as many departments today have specialized cyber detectives to track down such offenders.  If your local police department does not have a cyber crimes unit then you can call the FBI.  Simply take a screenshot or copy and paste the threatening conversation to Word or notepad as evidence and present it along with the offender's username, date, and time of conversation to law enforcement as ParaChat keeps a log of IP addresses for those usernames.   To everyone entering: please act like the mature and responsible adult that you probably are in the real world and don't leave your common sense or good manners at the door.

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