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Our most complete Free Weight Gym with 500 lb. Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Set

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Go "old school " with our most complete free weight setup - the "Goliath Pro-Gym Set"

Do Flat, Incline and Decline Bench Presses as well as Full Squats alone without a spotter and without worry - build a thick chest and tree-trunk legs. Do Lat Pulldowns, Seated Pulley Rows, and Chin-ups for wide lats. Do Overhead Presses for rounded deltoids, Triceps Pushdowns and Standing EZ-Bar Curls for massive arms. Also do Leg Extensions and Leg Curls for fully developed thighs. Perform Standing Barbell Calf Raises for diamond shaped calves. Perform Bent-over Barbell Rowing and Deadlifts for a thick, rugged back and overall strength without damaging your floor. This is the ultimate free weight home gym setup and all you will ever need to become big and strong. This is all top quality equipment delivered to your home with just a click of your mouse...


Body Solid Powerline Power Rack with Lat / Row Station PPR200X Every serious gym has at least one of these muscle-building machines. Now you can perform intense free weight workouts safely and effectively in your own home without the need for a spotter. No more getting stuck at the bottom of a heavy bench press or full squat with this piece of equipment - just adjust the heavy cross pins to the right height and go to absolute failure on the big exercises with no worry. No other piece of equipment on the market will help you build massive size and strength better than this Power Rack with Lat / Row station. This apparatus is an absolute must for heavy training bodybuilders and powerlifters. Chinning bar at top of rack will give you tremendous lat development - even work your abs with hanging knee raises. Includes Lat / Row Attachment PLA200X for doing lat pulldowns, seated cable rows, triceps pushdowns and many more upper body exercises. Have the exercise variety of a professional gym with this high and low pulley lat machine - with 2 Olympic Adapter Sleeves for use with the included Olympic weight plates..

Body Solid Flat / Incline / Decline Bench with Leg Extension / Curl Attachment FID46 - The new FID46 is based on a heavy gauge 3inch round stock steel mainframe, with a 9-position seat and back pads that are a full 2¾inch thick and will never bottom out. Perfect for all types of barbell and dumbbell exercises, the FID46 works great in Power Racks, Smith Machines and the strongest leverage gym system in existence. In addition to all the intense upper body exercises the FID46 delivers, the leg developer provides a concentrated lower body workout. Perform leg extensions with full 90 degree seat back support and lying leg curls from the traditional arched prone position.

Body Solid 500 Lbs. Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Set OSR500S- Designed using state-of-the art technology, Body-Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Plates surpasses all others in quality, accuracy, reliability and price. Quad-grip design guarantees safer and easier performance than any other plate on the market. Encased in durable, heavy-duty rubber to prevent scuffing or damage to equipment, walls or floors. Impact-resistant, these Olympic Rubber Plates will not split, crack or peel. They are also impervious to rusting, chipping, flaking or losing their color. And the integrated metal sleeve provides a smooth, secure fit onto any Olympic bar. Heavy lifting has never been easier or safer.

This set includes 7'- 45 Lb. Chrome Olympic Bar and 2 Olympic Spring Collars.

500 Lb. Set includes:

Body Solid Olympic EZ Curl Bar OB47 - The quickest way to increase upper arm mass, strength and definition. A proven favorite of bodybuilders everywhere, this bar isolates and intensifies development of the bicep and forearm muscles.

Body Solid Olympic Plate Tree WT46 - Keep your workout area safe, clean and organized with this Olympic Weight Tree & Bar Rack. Heavy gauge 2"x 3" and 3" x 3" welded steel construction. Six triple chrome plated Olympic weight plate storage posts. Super-tough ABS plastic ball-end storage post caps provide quick and easy alignment for weight plate loading. Four rubber foot tabs riveted on to bottom of base frame to protect your floor. Textured powder coat finish hides dust, dirt and finger prints. Also, holds 2 bars - both your Olympic 7-foot Straight Bar and EZ-Curl Bar included with this Goliath Pro-Gym Set. 40"H x 20"L x 23"W - Item # WT46

Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Protectors RF546 - Designed and manufactured to workout intensity, comfort and value, these Super Mat Floor Protectors offer super heavy-duty solid rubber construction that absorbs the impact of free weights. Rubber Flooring ensures natural, secure footing for excellent traction and superior impact protection. These Pads will not tear, split, stretch, crack, creep, wrinkle or shrink even under the most brutal conditions. No more floor damage, no more structural damage, and greatly reduced noise levels. Non-marking black color is no-glaring for a soft, satin appearance and will not fade - measures 47" by 72" and 1/2 inch thick. Each mat weighs 60 pounds! Item # RF546

Add one of our Dumbbell Sets with Rack for a truly complete home gym

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Individual Breakdown of Cost of Equipment Below:

  • Body Solid Powerline Power Rack.................Retail Price - $475....................Sale Price - $379
  • Lat / Row Attachment for Power Rack..........Retail Price - $295....................Sale Price - $249
  • PowerLift Adjustable Combo Bench..............Retail Price - $425....................Sale Price - $349
  • 500 Lb. Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Set.....Retail Price - $999....................Sale Price - $754
  • Olympic EZ Curl Bar & Collars.....................Retial Price - $89.......................Sale Price -- $69
  • Olympic Weight Plate & Bar Holder.............Retail Price - $119.....................Sale Price -- $99
  • 2 x Heavy Rubber Floor Protectors...............Retail Price - $278.....................Sale Price -$238
  • 2 x Olympic Adapter Sleeves.........................Retail Price - $ 58......................Sale Price - $ 40
  • TOTAL PRICE....................................Total Retail Price - $2738........Total Sale Price - $2166
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