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Bring commercial gym workouts to your own home gym with this combination bench and power rack. Do heavy barbell bench presses and full squats in complete safely without the need for a spotter. Go through some heavy duty workouts with this duo combo and build some serious size and strength and in a small amount of space ... check out our Olympic Barbell Weight Sets to use with this Rack / Bench Combo

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18-Hole Power Rack

Body Solid Powerline PPR200 - Every serious gym has at least one of these muscle-building machines. Now you can perform intense free weight workouts safely and effectively in your own home without the need for a spotter. No more getting stuck at the bottom of a heavy bench press or full squat with this piece of equipment - just adjust the heavy cross pins to the right height and go to absolute failure on the big exercises with no worry. No other piece of equipment on the market will help you build massive size and strength better than this power rack. This apparatus is an absolute must for heavy training bodybuilders and powerlifters. Chinning bar at top of rack will give you tremendous lat development - even work your abs with hanging knee raises and inversion crunches. This power rack comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

FID46 Bench
Flat Incline Decline Bench

This bench is HEAVY DUTY and supports 1,000 lbs.for the serious lifter! The new FID46 is based on a heavy gauge 3” round stock steel mainframe, with a 9-position seat and back pads that are a full 2¾” thick and will never bottom out—guaranteed. Perfect for all types of barbell and dumbbell exercises, the FID46 works great in Power Racks, Smith Machines and the strongest leverage gym system in existence. In addition to all the intense upper body exercises the FID46 delivers, the leg developer provides a concentrated lower body workout. Perform leg extensions with full 90 degree seat back support and lying leg curls from the traditional arched prone position. This bench comes with a Lifetime Warranty

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Check out our Olympic weight sets to go with this combo

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Individual Breakdown of Cost of Equipment Below:

Retail Prices:

  • Powerline Power Rack- - -$699
  • Flat Incline Decline Bench -$475

Sale Prices:

  • Poweline Power Rack - - -$399
  • Flat Incline Decline Bench -$349
  • TOTAL SALE PRICE - - $748
You save $426 and get Free Shipping as well !

Need weights to go with the Bench / Squat Combo?
Olympic Barbell Weight Sets

Want to use your regular 1-inch hole plates but need a longer bar?
Seven Foot Long 1-inch Regular Bar

Product Specifications
ITEM# FID46 Heavy Bench
ITEM# PPR200X Power Rack
Optional Accessories:
Olympic Barbell Weight Set
Rubber Floor Protector
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

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