*** EricsGym.com Shipping & Return Policies ***

When you place an order with EricsGym.com Website you are agreeing to the terms listed below:

  1. Delivery time for most orders will usually be 10 days to 2 weeks from the date that you placed the order with us online or over the telephone.. If a mail order is received with a personal check as payment then we cannot process the order for an additional 1 to 2 weeks as it takes that long for a personal check to clear through the bank. Mail orders paid for with a money order usually clear within 4 business days or less.
  2. Tracking numbers will be provided to customers by request only. Most items will usually ship out from the factory in 3 to 5 business days and a tracking number is entered into the system the next business day after an item is picked up by a trucking company. We send tracking numbers out by email only, so if you wish to request this info be sure that you provide an email address when you place your order with us.
  3. For ease of shipping and carrying into your house, many of our items are sent disassembled and carefully packed in boxes. Assembly is usually easy for the average person and requires only a couple of adjustable wrenches. Smaller items such as a simple weight bench will assemble in 15 minutes or less. Larger items such as our biggest home gyms will be more of a "pizza and beer" weekend but still within the capabilities of the average person without much mechanical experience.
  4. Smaller items will be shipped via UPS and Fed Ex; larger items will come by freight. Many times trucking companies will want someone to be present to sign for an item during business hours so be sure to provide a daytime telephone number so you can be contacted to schedule a delivery. You may also need to arrange to have someone be at your house during business hours to meet the driver if you are unable to leave work during the day. If you order weight sets or other large and heavy items please be aware that truck drivers usually only are required to get these items to the curb in front of your house and you will be responsible for carrying the items inside your house -- having a second person present to help you or a wheel barrel, dolly, or your kid's red wagon handy to carry multiple weight plates or dumbbells to your door is very good advice!
  5. When you receive an order it is very important that you inspect the boxes carefully for damage -- if you see any opened, torn or smashed boxes then don't be afraid to open them up and check for damage and count parts right in front of the driver. Make the driver wait -- it is their job to make sure that you received everything listed and in good condition. If you see obvious damage to the item do NOT sign for the order. If you sign for obviously damaged merchandise then you are telling the trucking company that you are accepting things as they are - DON"T do this if there is a problem. It is better to wait a little longer for your order then not be able to receive replacement merchandise at all. Do not give up your legal rights by signing for damaged or missing merchandise - once you sign you are accepting the order as is and replacement merchandise cannot be sent. Read the packing slip carefully to determine the number of boxes that you should have before you sign and if boxes are missing it is OK to accept the boxes that you do have but you need to make a notation next to your signature on the trucker's bill of lading - example - "received 2 boxes, missing #1 box of 3"
  6. If you are not happy with an item for any reason you may return it within 10 days of receiving it - however you will be responsible for paying the return shipping charges back to the factory. You are responsible for shipping the equipment back to factory from which it came and for the costs associated with that shipment. You will also be responsible for the costs to ship the merchandise to you in the case of free freight items. For large and heavy items these charges can sometimes be quite expensive. All merchandise must repacked very carefully in the original packages and be returned in perfect and resalable condition - if it is not we cannot credit your account for the original purchase price. Deductions will be made accordingly to your total refund due. Returns may also be subject to a 20% restocking fee from our suppliers. NO CREDIT CAN BE GIVEN FOR RETURNS UNLESS YOU CALL US FIRST AND GET APPROVAL.
  7. Many of our items are guaranteed with very good warranties from the manufacturer - usually these warranties are listed on the product page on our website or have a link to the manufacturer's warranty page. Please read these warranties before purchasing items so there will no misunderstanding at a later date.
  8. If you do have problems with a delivery then it is your responsibility to contact EricsGym.com by email or telephone immediately and describe the problem. If you send an email and do not hear from us within 24 hours then call us on the phone: (309) 682-2275 -- sometimes emails get lost by a server and we never receive them. Once we are aware that you have had a problem then we will do everything we can to correct the situation in a timely manner.
  9. If you haven't received your exercise equipment within 2 weeks of placing an order with us then you should contact us so we can trace your shipment. All this technology is great when it works correctly but in the end only the customer can let us know that they received everything and are happy with their order. We also appreciate an email letting us know that you received everything and are very happy with it -- those are our favorite messages to receive!


Your email address is NOT given to any third party and is kept strictly confidential with EricsGym.com and is only used to keep you informed of your order status or answer your questions. You will NEVER receive any spam either directly or indirectly as a result of doing business with us.

Your phone number and shipping address are only given to delivery personnel and trucking companies as needed to ensure that your order is safely and promptly delivered to you.

We simply do not believe in promoting email spam, telemarketing phone calls, or postal junk mail of any sort. We recognize that our customers are our livelihood and we would NEVER violate your trust for any reason.

What happens in Eric's Gym stays in Eric's Gym.

    Customer satisfaction is our business!


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